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The Big Mo English Spoken Show


Welcome to Holland, have a great time!

The Big Mo performs ‘The English Spoken Show’, an all English language improv show that welcomes you to the Netherlands and the Dutch culture.

Great press!

We have received a lot of great attention from the press, and that is why we have collected a couple of the articles that where published in newspapers and magazines. (scroll down for the articles)

The Big Mo performs English Language shows for corporate events, groups and schools.



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The Big Mo’s style can best be described as seriously funny improvisational theatre.

About the English Spoken Show:

Sometimes it’s fast and witty, delivering punch lines at the speed of light, but the actors in the show also take time to improvise scenes with some sort of a storyline, drama, character development, romance and maybe even some suprising educational moments...

Dutch improv with international edge

In ´The English Spoken Show´ the Big Mo takes a look at some typical Dutch characteristics, such as gezelligheid, windmills, the queen’s hat, and wooden shoes, explaining some of our quirks as we go along.

But The English Spoken Show will mostly be about the audience, and the suggestions that the audience provides for the actors to work with. So the sky is the limit.

Mixed with a hint of current events here, a little quiz show element there, and some very unexpected surprises, you have the recipe for an evening of quality improv that’s fun for everyone.














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